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The Greely Community Association (GCA) is a not-for-profit organization created to advance community interests and improve the quality of life for the people of Greely. Our members are local residents and dedicated volunteers who share an interest in their community. The GCA shares information and provides support to the Greely community in several ways:

  • We provide a forum for discussion of issues, build consensus and bring conclusions to the public attention;
  • We cooperate with and support other community organizations in the pursuit of common interests;
  • We keep the community informed about activities and opportunities that may be of benefit or interest to Greely residents;
  • We initiate social, educational, recreational and other new programs as needs present themselves in our community.


February 8, 2021

Dear Mayor Watson and City Councillors,

The Community Associations of Greely, Manotick, Metcalfe, Osgoode and Richmond Villages are very concerned about two recent decisions by City Council Committees on amendments to the Draft Growth Management Strategy as part of the new Official Plan.

The two amendments of concern are:
1. Decision to approve prime agricultural land in the Riverside South area for development instead of the land proposed by City Staff
2. Decision to allocate 445 hectares to enable the Tewin development to proceed in the absence of clear consultation on the proposal and clear evidence of the viability of development on these lands.

Prime Agricultural Land Decision
Last May, Council voted in favour of not allowing future development on prime agricultural lands as one of the key criteria for identification of lands to be included in an expanded boundary. This decision was seen as a positive step by rural residents in maintaining a vibrant agricultural economy within the City boundaries.

The decision to approve a parcel of prime agricultural land for development in Riverside South flies in the face of Council’s decision and contravenes the Province of Ontario directive to only approve prime agricultural land for development if there are no other options.

Obviously, in this case, there was another option. The original parcel, recommended by City staff, scored high in a number of factors such as access to infrastructure, location near transit hubs, not designated prime agricultural land and others. Since the amendment was tabled after the public consultation portion of the meeting, residents had no opportunity to comment on the proposed amendment.

We also have grave concerns about the precedent this sets for future discussions of the expansion of urban boundaries. Once Council approves one project to be built on prime agricultural land, it opens the door for other exceptions in the future. This is not a precedent we support.Boundary from policy papers

Tewin Land Project
It is apparent that the proponents for this project have spent many hours in the fall of 2020, lobbying Councillors to approve this development which would add close to 500 hectares to the urban area. Reference to this project has not appeared in any City document so Community Associations and Ottawa residents and community associations were unable to review, let alone provide any comment on the proposal. It is also apparent now that key Indigenous groups were also not consulted.

City Staff gave this land area a very low score based on the criteria set out in the Growth Management Strategy. And while the proponents have made commitments with regard to infrastructure costs and transit access, staff have not had the benefit of reviewing the studies used by the proponents to propose a new community in a rural ward.

In addition to concerns about the ability to develop this land, we are concerned about the impact of increased traffic on surrounding villages. The development of commercial projects on Boundary Road (Amazon, Taggart-Miller Landfill, Rosedale Group Trucking ) has already increased truck traffic through villages surrounding this area. Any additional development in this area would severely compound truck and car traffic congestion.

The recent Ward Boundary review has already substantially increased the size of Osgoode Ward. Once completed, the Tewin Development would more than double the number of suburban residents in a rural ward. This decision would continue to reduce the voice for rural residents at City Hall.

Our Request
On behalf of the residents in our communities, we strongly urge Council to take the following actions:

1. Reverse the decision to allow for development of prime agricultural land adjacent to Riverside South
2. Refer the Tewin development back to City Staff for additional review before making a decision of allocation of an additional 445 hectares for urban development in this rural area


Doug Thompson, President, Greely Community Association
Grace Thrasher, President, Manotick Village and Community Association
Marc Sauve, President, Metcalfe Community Association
Emily Dozois, President, Osgoode Village Community Association
Ryan Pinet, President, Richmond Village Association


Presentation regarding the Greely Community Design/Secondary Plan ( Part of the City Official Plan Review )

presentationThe Village of Greely is one of the fastest growing Rural Villages in the City of Ottawa. Greely has a current population of over 7000 residents and a land area of 1276 hectares. Unlike other Rural Villages, Greely has no main street, lacks cohesion of residential neighbourhoods and has no true historical identity. Greely Village is primarily situated on the west side of Bank Street with one residential community and a large shopping centre on the east side of Bank Street. We have grown from a quiet rural Village to what is sometimes described as a commuter type residential community. Our charm of rural living is something that we should strive to maintain but we must always be aware that significant growth is going to take place. We are fortunate to have pockets of commercial property spread throughout the Village... read more

Coronavirus/Covid-19 Update

The Greely Community Association (GCA) Board of Directors is dedicated to supporting and working with the residents of the Village of Greely and our surrounding areas.  There are over 7000 residents along with approximately 250 local businesses in the GCA area.
The GCA is concerned about local residents who may be unable to care for themselves out of fear or other limitations.  We are coordinating information on the GCA Facebook page that will assist residents in our area and across the Osgoode Ward.
We have been receiving numerous offers to assist the GCA and our residents.  Our goal is to coordinate with other Community Associations in our Ward to support those in need.

Doug Thompson
President, Greely Community Association.

Please see our Covid-19 page for information on revised hours for Greely Businesses  as well as links to various government Covid-19 information websites.   If you would like to volunteer to help local residents or require help, please reach out to the GCA on Facebook or send an email to Chris at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your information.  


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From Ogoode Ward Councillor's Office, Free Trees in the Fall from South Nation Conservation Authority

"Rural Ottawa Residents! We have partnered with South Nation Conservation to provide some free trees to area residents this fall!

Though SNC is accepting online order requests for free trees this spring in other regions, please note that trees secured for Ottawa residents won’t be ready until the Fall.

Check back with SNC or us later in the year for details on how we’ll provide free trees, we’ll post all of the details on social media. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this time. For more info on SNC’s Tree Planting Program and to secure tree orders for Spring 2021, click here:

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